My name is Silvia Pappalardi and I am Marie Skłowoska Curie fellow at the Laboratoire de Physique at École Normale Supérieure (LPENS), working on out-of-equilibrium quantum statistical mechanics.  

From April 2023 I will move to the University of Cologne as a Junior Professor to start my own group. If you are interested in joining as a PhD, contact me!

I am interested in out-of-equilibrium phenomena at the interface between non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and quantum information. In particular, I am currently focused on quantum chaos, entanglement dynamics and the physics of long-range interacting quantum systems.

You can find my publications here or on the arXiv as well as on Google Scholar.

Furthermore, eclectic interests, travel lover and international experience, strongly committed with an open-minded, pragmatic, and idealistic approach.

Brief CV 


Physics Department at ENS
24 Rue Lhomond,  75005, Paris, France
Office: GH306-308