Quantum Dynamics 2024

This is a specialized Lecture Course for the Summer Term 2024 at the Master Programme of the University of Cologne. 


This is a specialized lecture course that will introduce students to the field of "Quantum Dynamics", with a special emphasis on Hamiltonian chaos. It will cover recent and exciting developments in an active area of research that combines aspects of condensed matter physics, quantum optics, quantum information, and statistical mechanics. The program will cover topics ranging from the theoretical foundations of Quantum Chaos in the semiclassical limit to the latest results in the Many-body context. 

As part of this course, Master's students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on research experience by working on small numerical exercises and projects and presenting their findings.

The course is divided in:

Part I) Classical and semi-classical dynamics (hbar=0 or small);

Part II) Many-body dynamics: Random Matrix Theory, the Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis and its violations (hbar=1).

Art by Madeleine van Wassenhove

Previous expected knowledge

Basic knowledge of quantum, classical, and statistical mechanics.

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